Happy family trip, Let kids become friends with animals

To parents a necessary condition of parent-child travel is safe, so zoo or aquarium may become a good choices. Kids can not only have fun, but also learn animal knowledges, be a good freiends with animals. This list will give you some ideas about zoos and aquariums in Kunming.


Yunnan Wildlife Animal Park

Yunnan Wildlife Animal Park is located in the northeast of Kunming, about 7 kilometers from the downtown. With a total coverage of 2,800 Mu (Chinese acre), the park is a unique tourist attraction combining wildlife taming and breeding, sightseeing, science education, and wildlife protection etc. The whole park consists of more than 10 animal-watching areas including over 10,000 animals of 200 species.


Animals, nature and humanity live in harmony. Animals in here are free to eveywhere, they may appear on the main road to ask for food.

The whole walk route in the park has 16km, and it is recommended to take the tourist car if you have kids with you.

You can feed and photograph the tiger baby in the lion and tiger villages. It is a good chance for children to face-to-face communication with the  animals.


Kunming Zoo

Kunming Zoo also known as Yuantongshan Zoo, because it located at the Yuantong Hill. It was founded in 1953 and has a history of more than 60 years. It carries many childhood memories with locals. Due to the convenient location, it become the first choice for parents.

The most famous area is peacock gareden in Kunming Zoo. Tourists can directly walk in the peacock garden, and they are in close contact with the peacock.

There are a lot of monkeys in Kunming Zoo, and there is even a artificial rockery for the monkeys to live in.

Every year when the season of cherry blooms in Kunming Zoo will attract many tourists. Thousands of Yunnan cherry blossoms, Japanese cherry blossoms and begonia flowers compete to open, red and white, and can be pleasing to the eye.



Kunming Huadu Ocean World

Every child has a dream about sea, especially child who live in Kunming. Kunming located in inland plateau far away from sea, it is not ususally to visit a aquarium.


The fully enclosed ocean venue allows children to feel the ocean is around. The various fishs are just in front of you. In Kunming Huadu Ocean World there is a touch pool, which can touch sea creatures such as starfish, also can feed fish, feed turtles, etc.



Shilin Ice and Snow Park

Shilin Ice and Snow Park is adjacent to the core area of Shilin Scenic Area. It covers an area of 300 mu and is the world's first complex amusement park with the theme of ice, snow and ocean.


There is a high-standard aquarium in the park. With integrated marine animal show , marine science and and education. Landscaping simulates the polar world, allowing kids to know the animals that from Arctic and Antarctic without fear of the cold.



(Article:Kunming Faner Photo: innyo, Kunming Huadu Ocean World, Shilin Icn and Snow World )