SenSan Bowl of Satisfaction

If you are really loved Japanese food, then you can not miss this restaurant. It is a small restaurant hidden in the crowded downtown, and you may easy to miss it from the side. Sensan has two layers, downstairs is the kitchen and barbuce area, with several seats around the wall, and upstairs has five seats area. All the decoration and posters are just like the traditional Japanese style restaurant.





Recommended Dish

Salmon Rice

Sliced the fresh salmon on the top of rice. First, you can mix the soy suace and wasabi then add on the salmon rice. It is a meal set with miso soup, steam egg and vegetable salad on the side.




SenSan has a three Ramen Restaurant in Kunming, so if you come to this special SenSan Bowl of Satisfaction, you also can taste the signature ramen.


Matcha Cake

The bitter taste mix with creamy cheese is a perfect match.


  • Address: fd-3 Kunming Zoulang, Caisheng Alley
  • Opening Hours: 11:00-21:30
  • Tel: 18314587057


Photo source:innyo




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