To celebrate the National Day, scenic spots has prepared wonderful activities for tourists

Countdown to five days for the National Day holiday week, have you already planed you trip? Or you only want to stay at home? In Kunming, there are wonderful activities prepared by many scenic spots for tourists from the country.


Daguan Park: Enjoy the most beautiful chrysanthemum exhibition in Yunnan

Daguan building is one of the top ten famous buildings in China. During the National Day, you can not only visit the Daguan Park, but also enjoy the most beautiful chrysanthemum exhibition in Yunnan.




Kunming Zoo: Play with cute animals and enjoy chrysanthemum exhibition

Kunming Zoo as a most favorite place for every kids, it not only has animials but also some recreational facilities for kids. In the holiday week, there are beautiful chrysanthemum exhibition in the east gate area.



The Golden Temple Park: History of the Golden Temple and Hanfu Market

In the holiday week, the Golden Temple Park hold activities called “grow up with Golden Temple”, collected old photo of the Gloden Temple and display in the showroom for tourists to find the differences since 1940.

Hanfu is traditional Chinese costumes for Han peolpe, in the holiday week, wear the Hanfu to the park is free to entry. During the holiday weekk, the Golden Temple park will unite with the photography agency to create a Hanfu and antiques market. It is rich in content, including photography, dressing, makeup, jewelry, and on-site painting.


Heilongtan Park

To celebrate the National Day, Heilongtan Park Hanging lanterns and national flags at the main entrance of the park and the main road. There are photography show to show the huge change of the country.



Tanhua Temple Park

Tanhua Temple has a long history of planting chrysanthemums. This time, the chrysanthemum exhibition exhibited more than 1,000 pots of specimens. In the holiday week, it will hold the chrysanthemums exhibition in four locations.


Xihua Garden

Xihuan Garden is one of the major parks in the city of Kunming, it covering about 8 hectares is known for ornamental plants.

In the holiday week Xihua Garden will hold a wealth of parent-child activities such as simulated dinosaur science exhibition, and painting activities. The exhibition include more than 30 large-scale simulation dinosaurs and hot air balloon models.


Jiaoye Park

Jiaoye park is always a best place to enjoy autumn. In the holiday week, it will hold the China's 70th Anniversary Oil Painting Exhibition, in the lunch time you can have the outdoor barbecues with families and friends.


Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden

On the occasion of the National Day, Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden will build Kunming's first large lights and flower show. The park integrates ecology, lighting, and flowers seas to create a large-scale exhibition of flowers and immersive interactions.


To ensure the nighttime viewing, Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden add lighting elements in the flowers, even in the night tourists also can enjoy the beautiful show.



Yunnan Wildlife Zoo

Pithecia pithecia also known as South American white-faced monkey or white-faced foxtail monkey, they distributed in low-lying evergreen rainforests in places such as Brazil and Guyana in South America.

In the holiday week Pithecia pithecia will come to Yunnan Wildlife Zoo, if you interested in them, the staff in Yunnan Wildlife Zoo prepared detailed science introduction, let the tourists know them more, let more people love and consciously protect wildlife.



(photo:innyo and scenic spots