Ten attractions in Kunming City that you must can not be miss

In many of the impressions that Kunming has recognized as a transit city, however when you take a rest in this city that you will feel its lazy and fast-paced pulse, the tonality of history and fashion. Kunming is worthy of every visitors to go deep into the true style.


The Green Lake Park

Highlights: Cuihu Culture Area, Red-billed Gull

The Green Lake Park located in Kunming downtown, it used be a part of Dianchi Lake, due to water level decreased it become a lake. And it because there are many willows around the lake it is called Green Lake. As the center of Kunming culture circle, Green Lake connect including Yunnan University, Wenhua Alley, Zhengyifang and etc popular attractions. Visitors can boating in the park and play fun with water, in summer season full of lotus attracts a large number of photographers. There are a lot of shops, tea house, night market and bar out of the park. It is also the most famous culture circle in Kunming, around the Green Lake Park there are many celebrities' former residences, such as Yuan Jiagu's former residence, Zhu De's former residence, Luhan Mansion, etc. Among them, many old residence halls have been transformed into restaurants, such as the Shiping Huiguang, Yidong Yanlou, etc., sitting in it to taste the traditional Dian cuisine, nostalgic and cozy.

Every year when winter season is coming, the Green Lake Park will become paradise of Red-billed Gull that come from Siberia, they share the sunshine with the people in the cold winter. If you want to play with Red-billed Gull, you can try to put bread in hand or spray in the air, these lovely seagulls will quickly take food away.  

Nearby attractions include the former site of Yunnan Military Academy, Yunnan University, etc., which can be visited together.


Yunnan Military Academy

Highlights: Long History, Architectural Features

Yunnan Military Academy old site located at West Chuihu Road, next to the Green Lake Park and Yunnan University. The old building is currently well preserved, the yellow-style building is particularly eye-catching in the green trees. Yunnan Military Academy was built in 1909 and was known as one of the three major lecture halls in China. Zhu De, Ye Jianying, Lu Han and many other outstanding military revolutionaries have been study in here. The whole building adopts Yunnan's most distinctive walk-through structure, with a spacious corridor and a circular connection., just like a small castle. The interior of the building is open as an exhibition hall, with a large classroom, a weapon library, and a long-term fixed exhibition showing the history of the martial arts school, the 99 uprising and the national protection.

Visit tips: Free open to public from Tuesday to Sunday (stop entry since 4pm)


Yunnan University

Highlights: The most beautiful campus, the former residence of celebrities

Yunnan University has been established nearly a hundred years ago, the campus is full of buildings and landscapes full of humanity. As a landmark of Yunnan University, Huize Yuan’s typical French-style architecture represents the urban scene of Kunming at the same time. In the campus there are well preserved Ming and Qing dynasties imperial examination room-Yunnan Gongyuan.

The beautiful of Yunnan University is it bring the natural experiences. Huize Yuan and Yingqiu Yuan are both have golden view of Ginkgo trees. Sometimes when you walk around in the campus you will meet the cute squirrels.

Visit tips: Although Yunnan University campus open to public, at the same time there are also student attending classes. Please keep quiet when you visit. Do not disturb the normal work and study of the teachers and students on campus.


Nearby attrations also recommended to visit: The National SouthWest Associated University, Wenhua Alley Block

Old site of The National SouthWest Associated University 

The National SouthWest Associated University old site located at Yunnan Normal University campus in Yieryi Street. The Nationl SouthWest Associated University was formed by Peking University, Tsinghua University and Tianjin Nankai University during the Anti-Japanese War. There are two Nobel winners and nearly hundred academicians were studied at the National SouthWest Associated University, which is called Everest in the history of Chinese education.

(picture recourse: Internet)


Wenhua Alley Block

Walk from the west door of Yunnan University about two minutes, there is Wenhua Alley, it formed the most stylish block with Wenlin Street, and Qianju Street in Kunming. In Wenhua Alley Block there are many special shops, bookstores, cafes, and bars.

(picture recourse:麦田书店 by vic的雨小禾 )


Yuantong Temple

Highlights: Nanzhao ancient temple, incense is flourishing

Yuantong Temple in the Yuantong Street, downtown of Kunming. It is one of the oldest buddhist temple in Kunminng with a history of more than 1200 years and also the biggest buddist temple in Kunming city. Yuantong Temple was built since Nanzhao times Tang Dynasty, first name was Butuoluo Temple.

Surrounded by verdant plants and a body of water, Yuantong Temple is renowned as one of the “eight magnificent scenes” in Kunming.

Visit tips: Open from 8:00 to 18:00 everyday, ticket price 6 yuan/person


Golden Horse and Jade Rooster

Highlights: Business Center

Golden Horse and Jade Rooster is located at Sanshi Street, Kunming downtown with 12 meters high and 18 meters wide, the carved are exquisite. The name Golden Horse (in Chinese Jinma) and Jade Rooster (in Chinese Biji ), because of the east part near Jinma Mountain and west part near Biji Mountain so it got the name. It was built in the Ming Dynasty, has been nearly 400 years old and is a symbol of Kunming.


Nearby attractiongs also recommended to visit: Kunming Old Street

Kunming Old Street

Kunming Old Street is the last historical area in Kunming city, Kunming Old Street area still retains a large number of historical buildings and cultural relics in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. The oldest one has nearly 900 years history, it has many memories and stories of the city.

(picture recourses: 云南玩乐)

Kunming Old Street area east starts from Zhengyi Road, west to Guanghua Street and Yunruixi Road, south starts from Jingxing Street, north to Middle of Renmin Road and Confucius Temple.


Dianchi Scenic Area

Highlights: Dianchi Style, Red-billed Gull

Dianchi also called Kunming Lake, it is the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan and is known as the pearl of the plateau. Next to the Daguan Park,faces the Xishan Forest Park and the Yunnan Nationalities Village.


Haigeng Park

Haigeng Park have half an hour drive from the city centre, the Haigeng Park is located at the upper right corner of the crescent shape. If the Green Lake Park lets you see the beauty of “Jade in the City”, then you can enjoy the magnificent of “Pearl of the Plateau” in the Dianchi Scenic Area.

On the Guanjing Road on the east shore of Dianchi Lake, visitors can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the green peaks and the blue waves on the other side of the Dianchi Lake. The red-billed gull hovering in the winter is a brilliant view in the vast scenery.


Haigeng Dam

The Haicang Dam is right next to Dianchi Lake, which is the best place to take photos. Every winter, seagulls from Siberia come to Kunming for the winter, many visitors stand on the side of the embankment and take photos of the flying seagulls.


Nearby attraction also recommended to visit: Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Na