Taohua Garden

In Dounan District, which is eminent for its flower market, hides a pleasant open-air garden. Inspired by the words of ancient poet Tao Yuanming, the owner of the Taohua Garden gave this place a rather romantic Chinese name, Tao Hua Yuan, meaning “the garden of flowers under the pen of Mr. Tao Yuanming”.


Walking through this little garden that surrounded by pots of bright and succulent plants is pure refreshing. Looking closer, each pot has absolutely different shapes of plants, which are cute in their ways.

Also, besides pottering around in the garden, don’t forget to experience the pottering-making class offered by the owner.

  • Address: Inside the Xinyizhou Birds and Flowers’ Market, Caiyun Bailu, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明彩云白路新益洲花鸟市场内陶花园
  • Tel: 13987665449


Subway Line 1/2 → Dounan Station (斗南站) → Take a taxi (cost around 8 Yuan)

Subway Line 1/2 → Dounan Station (斗南站) → Walk to the Caiyun Beilu Bus Station, take bus No. c7, c85 or c4甲 → Xinyizhou Birds and Flowers’s Market


(photo credit: Xu Ming)